Bobcat Bulletin vol. 10

October 20, 2023

(Artwork by Liz Harris)


Our community agreements of Joy, Community and Kindness plays out each day at MES.  Examples of all three agreements were center stage this week:

Joy; a student gleefully motioned me to them in third grade and proudly showed me their drawing of the Pokemon character, Pikachu. 

Community; our preschool families gathered afterschool on Thursday to wrap a family in kindness and wish them well as they move to a new school.  

Kindness; a student spilled their milk during lunch and three nearby students jumped to help them clean it up.  


This week we welcomed a group of high school students during their Day of Service event.  Students from the high school participated in community service activities across all of the HUHS towns, further demonstrating what it is to be a positive member of our collective communities.


We'd like to thank Sophia, Ben, Finn, Callum and Alex as well as their teachers Larry Gravelle and Terry Priddy for their efforts.  These students and leaders worked around our campus to clean up gardens and remove some rotten raised beds.  Another thank you goes to Liz Harris who took the lead on coordinating volunteer efforts to make the biggest impact at Moretown Elementary.  




We would like to thank our local Girl Scout troop and their leaders Jeannie Randall and Kae Zaino for hosting the costume exchange.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together and share resources for this fun once a year event.  We welcome families to continue to swing by and drop off gently used costumes and pick out a new one through the end of the day on Saturday when it will be picked up.


Students in Patty Riccardi's third and fourth grade class as well as kindergarten students in Mrs. Dow's class traveled to the Neil Farm to pick out pumpkins today.  Enjoy these pictures from the pumpkin patch :-)




We hope that all of our students and families have a wonderful weekend!  We look forward to welcoming out students back on Monday.


Ms. Kate 


Intradistrict School Choice

The window for IDC applications has opened.  To learn more about this process, please visit


Halloween Candy Donations

Hi Moretown neighbors! Halloween is fast approaching and the Moretown School and the Moretown School PTO are, once again, collecting donations of candy for village trick-or-treating. If you are able, drop off a bag of Halloween candy at the school's front desk by Wednesday, October 25th. Candy will be distributed to village residents on Friday, October 27th. Any donations are truly appreciated - thank you!


River of Light Parade


Community Offerings:


Tennis for Kids

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