From the Principal

As you and your family prepare for the new school year consider these steps that can taken to insure a smooth transition at the beginning of the year: - Mandy Couturier


Look Forward

Talk with your child about the school year to come. What is he/she looking forward to? Is there anything he/she is nervous about? What does he/she hope for in the coming year? The way you talk about school does much to shape your child's perceptions. If you share excitement and positive thinking, it is likley that he/she will feel that as well. 


Build Confidence

Build your child's confidence by revisiting all that he/she accomplished last year, as well as growth and accomplishments from the summer. From learning to ride a bike, to reading, to public speaking, to understanding division, our children accomplish such growth that we sometimes take it for granted. It's good to celebrate the accomplishments while we simultaneously offer even more challenges.


Help your child prepare by organizing a backpack for school, looking over the lunch menu for the first week, going through before and after school plans and identifying a spot and time where he/she might do reading or homework. Also help him/her acclimate to the school schedule with earlier bedtimes and wake up times. And practice going to the bus stop to make sure you leave home on time to catch it.


Label all of your child's belongings. Many kids will have the same backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. Print your child's name, use stickers, or even use a luggage tag to help them identify their belongings. Help your child learn emergency information. This will hlep both you and your child in the event of an emergency.

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